"With color as my focus, I either condense a subject out of freely moving hues or I study a given subject until I can sense the colors moving through it. In the first case, I work with the dynamics of colors and color relationships until the subject begins to reveal itself. This requires that I be alert to weed out easy ideas and habits so that the painting be kept flexible as long as possible. In the second case I begin by looking for the underlying color in a subject. This color will shine through all the others and set the mood of the painting. Subsequent colors are overlaid on this foundation in a transparent manner until the figure, landscape or still life arises.

My main interest is in relationships -- what contrasts, what merges, what is the movement and dynamic. The human form has always been a favorite subject with the challenge being to see how it is both connected to and stands apart from its surroundings."
Elizabeth Lombardi

Garden Fantasy    Blue Vista    Striped Shirt
What is in the Stars    Slaying of the False Suitors
Reflection    Destiny    Soul Longing

30"x30" Double Sided Panels
Liquid Acrylic with Beeswax Medium
Titles Capped in Verses

Folded Wings    In the Garden    Nature Genius
Evening Harvest    Guardian    New Moon
My Children    My Creatures    Birth
Child of Morning    Twilight Equilibrium
Night Journey    Sacred Vessel
My People    Budding Beauty    Star Weaver

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