My work is about process and it is in process. It is in the present and, as in a 'deliberate' life, it is carried out mindfully, moment to moment, striving to capture, but also free, the image which can be 'too fixed' through the finished painting. It is in life and it would enliven; it is about that which gives form and it would transform. Hence, as in life, I ongoingly explore a variety of paths; paths profoundly interwoven within me through my relation to nature; nature in which there is movement, color, form and substance. How can I, through my artistry, evoke the experiences we have that are ephemeral yet which our senses somewhat 'fix' for us; but also through movement; color, form dissolve and 'reenliven' what seems 'fixed' to us? How can I lead the viewer (participator) to the experience of those relationships which are both concealed and, I hope, revealed through my 'finished' work; exploring that which is concealed and revealed in the 'finished' work of the creation around us?

Imagine painting the flowing water in a stream. I am standing within the stream at my easel, trying to portray the waters movement in quick, spontaneous movements of my brush. And living within the world of color. What does each color wish to express. What is the longing of red; the devotion of blue; the clarity of yellow asking of me if I am to be their interpreter. Colors have their distinctive voices. My intent as a painter is not, for example, to simply render a sunrise, nor portray my response to it; rather to try to penetrate within its very nature, to live into what we are normally content to simply 'see' and listen to what is being revealed through its colors; movements and forms. When I am able to listen deeply enough to each color each brush stroke strives to be a selfless instrument to give voice to its oftentimes 'mute' utterances. How can I help the world of color reveal itself; to encourage the onlooker to begin to see, hear and feel that which the colors are trying to speak to us through their living; moving; metamorphosing relation to each other out of which forms arise; those forms which are the 'finished work' of the dance between movement, color and form revealed in the painting. Meditatively accompanying these inner movements I strive to express this living process; the composition's interweaving 'musical elements' creating a balanced, yet dynamic whole. This is why I paint.
--Jennifer Thomson


A Movement in Cannon Pass
Near a River Bank     Wind, Wind, Wind
Flight    River Stream    Spirit Light
Color Music    Boulder Flatirons
Trail Hiking in Cannon Pass
Autumn Light    Orange World
Crossing to the Other Side
Breeze    Air Spirits    A Summer Day
Trees in Canada    A Light Frost
Peaceful Waters    Another World
Stream Passing Through    Awake
Trees 2    Fear    Fear 2
Journey in Dante's Divine Comedy
Landscape Dream    Wind    A Bird
A Soul's World    Winged Flight    Autumn
Blue Waters    My Garden    Spring    Trees

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