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"Just as there are many facets to one's personality so are there multiple levels through the healing journey. Depending on mood and physical state, some days are more introspective, some days we need to share & vent, other times are more physical with a focus on movement and exercise. Kathie Young's felting workshop adds another dimension to this ongoing process. In a small group, colour, creativity and conversation ignite around the crafting table. This is a gentle, playful yet profound experience that encourages mobility and dexterity by fashioning shapes out of fleece. This relaxing, convivial, stimulating and fun program introduces participants to an ancient and satisfying art while sharing laughter, stories and the childlike joy & wonder of making something with your hands."

Rosemary Kelly CLMT

"Kathie Young has created and led a range of art and handwork workshops and series at the Massey Centre. All are highly valued by participants, teachers, and staff. Parents, grandparents and caregivers from the community express a sense of relaxation, satisfaction and connection with others after the group sessions, as well as delight in their own handwork. Young mothers at Massey High School enjoy working with natural materials and colour and appreciate Kathie's support for everyone around the table in the technique and the steps of making star mobiles and soft, felted balls for their children by hand. Participants' beautiful watercolour paintings are hanging in the hallway, dynamic masks brighten the classroom. Kathie works with others to create a calm and supportive environment for expression, individual and group learning, creativity and conversation."

Wendy Springate
Director, Ontario Early Years Centre
Massey Centre for Women