the gaia group
The Gaia Group comprises three companies who share an approach to ecological design at all scales of the built environment from materials through systems, buildings and landscape to urban design and town and country planning. The group is affiliated to, and a founder member of, Gaia International.


americans for the arts
The nation's leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America. With a 40-year record of service, we are dedicated to representing and serving local communities and creating opportunities for every American to participate in and appreciate all forms of the arts.


arts in education 
Our role has always been to give visibility to effective teaching and learning practices and explore and to help implement ideas that have not yet reached the mainstream, and to work in coordination with other reputable networks and learning communities. New Horizons for Learning is often a "launching pad" for new educational organizations and projects.
millennial child
Today's children are an endangered species. The image of the child that is carried by adults has a powerful effect on the way those children are raised by their parents and educated by their teachers...We must transform our image of the child in order to redeem childhood itself, for without childhood, humanity cannot rightly meet the challenges of the future.


Visual Arts Dictionary for artists, students and educators in art production, criticism, history, aesthetics, and education.
arts journal
Arts Journal is a weekday digest of some of the best arts and cultural journalism in the English-speaking world. Each day Arts Journal combs through more than 200 English-language newspapers, magazines and publications featuring writing about arts and culture.
the phi nest
Dedicated to providing you with the "phi-nest" information on: The Golden Section or Mean, The Divine Proportion, The Fibonacci Series 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, … and . . . Phi ( Ø )
All images, pictures, etc. contained here are gleaned from public access archives. Search by: name, century, collections, ethnicity or movements in art. Great resource for artists and art historians.
What is Art...What is an Artist?
An exhibition exploring the perception of art and the identity of the artist through history and in contemporary society.


about eurythmy therapy 
When the human organism loses its equilibrium an imbalance results and illness may ensue. The intervention of eurythmy therapy can affect a change to restore the organism towards balance. This may avoid the development of illness or encourage a positive return to health.
This initiative is inspired by Spiritual Science, the work of Rudolf Steiner and others, who saw art as arising from the Great Mysteries. They identified the spiritual dimension of art as the origin and therefore the reason for its application in healing and human encounter. Anthroposophy, the name Rudolf Steiner gave to his renewed Mystery teachings, means wisdom of our humanity. He wanted to "connect the spiritual in the human being with the spiritual in the cosmos". As its mission, Arscura takes this statement and seeks to manifest it through art.
ATHENA is a professional association organized under the laws of the State of California to fulfill and support the needs, endeavors, initiatives and achievements of each member as a therapeutic eurythmist.
Hibernia College offers a growing range of shorter and longer courses for personal and professional development. Its courses share a common foundation, an anthroposophical understanding of health, personal development and art. Two of its longer courses are full professional trainings for art therapy and for rhythmical massage.
pleroma farm
Pleroma Farm, a therapeutic retreat located in New York State's beautiful upper Hudson Valley, combines anthroposophically inspired therapies, counseling and a biodynamic farm. The bucolic setting, the intensive one-on-one interaction with the therapists and the participation in the work on the farm affords the opportunity to take stock of ones life. Dr. Ana Lups MD and her husband Arthur Lups are the co-founders and staff in residence.


color space
Lazure refers to a method of painting walls using layers of paint prepared nearly as thin and transparent as watercolor. The "paint" consists of water, a binder, and pigment and is applied with a rhythmical motion using large brushes. The final color experience is achieved using several layers, usually different in color, applied over a white surface.
lazure architectural painting company
For Beautiful Lazure Interiors for your Home, Workspace, Community area, Retail location, or Health Institution in the Midwest or Nation Wide.
lazure custom wall designs
Just as the sun's rays filter through evening mist enabling us to see the world with a new richness, the luminous quality of lazure color glazes transform blank, boxlike rooms into spaces that flow into and out of each other with easy grace.


flow forms america
You'll see Art and Science in the service of Nature. You'll find beautiful water-bearing sculptures not only at work, but also sculptures that are beautiful works of art. You may even learn to see water itself in a new way...and how FlowForms partners with water to bring about healthy changes and to make delightful atmospheres…


heartwood arts
Created with the needs of the child in mind, our toys nourish the imitative and imaginative capacities of the unfolding child. They warm the heart and engage the hands in healthy play and are found in homes and schools throughout the world.
silken sky studio
Flower doll kits make beautiful, natural toys. These Waldorf inspired craft kits are ideal for the nature table, puppet shows & storytelling, collecting, or children's play.
three sisters toys
Three Sisters was founded in the spirit of keeping play alive in childhood. We are committed to increasing awareness on the importance of creative play and advocating on behalf of children's right to play. We aim to offer information for parents and truly creative play materials for children.
toy spectrum-natural wooden toys & gifts
Online shop for educational wooden toys & gifts with beautiful forms & colors. Waldorf toys & candle holders in rainbow colors, especially for birthdays & celebrations. Dwarfs, dolls, Goethe's colored circle puzzle, Astrolabium and much more…
willow tree toys
Willow Tree Toys was created in 2002, shortly after the birth of our second child. As an Attachment Parenting family, we were seeking a way to meld family and work life. We believed that we could create a new paradigm - one in which family needs, work needs and playfulness could all flourish. What a better way than selling toys!


association of waldorf schools of north america
AWSNA is an association of independent Waldorf schools and Waldorf teacher education institutes. AWASNA's mission is to strengthen and support the schools and to inform the public about the benefits of Waldorf Education.
ground zero and the human soul
An audio book; Six Conversations between Lynn Jericho and Bethene LeMahieu on the effects of 9/11 for the individual and the future in a changed environment.
alliance for childhood
A partnership of educators, doctors and other medical personnel, parents, social workers, and many other advocates for children, who join together to tackle the underlying causes of declining health and well being of children.

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