"For many years I have enjoyed working in the arts and crafts. My present focus has been fiber art--felting. I have enjoyed greatly being part of bringing a renaissance to this ancient craft. Over the past two decades felting has blossomed, many new approaches and techniques have developed, and today felting has finally taken its rightful place as an art form.
     Athroposophical ways of working with color and form has been a great inspiration for me. It has opened my eyes to experience art in a more wholesome way - to look for the expression of an art piece in form and color, rather than the remote intellectual symbolism through which one is expected to analyze much of today's art.
     Working in felt offers an experience of sculpting and painting at the same time. One mixes the many colored sheep's wool, often fiber by fiber, to attain the right shade of color, and then the fibers are shaped into forms and gestures.
     My motifs are reflections on inner experiences as well as interpretations of nature. Most of my landscapes are made with plant dyed wool.

--Vibeke Novkovic

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Young Man
The Blue Lady
Winter Trees
Moon Shadow
Buddhist Monk
Moroccan Night
Meadow Meditation
Blue Hour
Blue Vessel
Brown Vessel
Fiery Vessel
Danish Countryside